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Seb Humphreys / Order55

Seb Humphreys is an Australian visual artist know for his large scale mural work and Sculptures that explore the intersection of nature and the modern urbanized world. As a Mural artist Humphreys goes under the moniker ‘Order55’ and is recognized internationally for his distinctive style of transparently layered abstract paintings. He has many public works through out Europe and the Americas, as well as many successful projects over the last 15 years operating in Australia and New Zealand.

The unique gestural precision of his mark making has developed over the last 20 years to a point where he has expanded the limitations of the spray can. His distinctive fast motion stroke pattern allows a transparent layered composition to be sequentially built up, all the while leaving many visible traces of the underlying process. Operating in this way the paintings almost break down time into frames, fragmenting the observer’s perception by creating space and moments of pause between each visible plane.

Taking reference from nature, fantasy, science fiction and exploring perception beyond the traditional five senses, the paintings create surreal universes and resemble energy more so than matter.

Utilizing many years of working with urban spaces, has more recently lead Humphreys to consultancy roles in off the plan projects. Leading creatively in the design phase of projects and finding innovative solutions to integrate public art into the fabric of urban developments. In an Australian first collaborating with JPE design studios and Convic Skateparks, the George Whittle reserve project presents a multi-functioned playground / skateable sculpture –The sculpture pays an ode to the Red Hen railcar and its significance to the street culture of the city; while infusing the structure with gnarly river red gum trunks expresses a chaotic yet harmonious intersection between nature and industry.   

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